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Harmony Exclusive Pure White 16 4 ply

Harmony Exclusive Pure White 16 4 ply

وحدة SKU: 858502

The HARMONY Toilet Paper will give you comfort and convenience. It is sensitive paper, making it much stronger than competing products with fewer layers. It's ideal if you prefer a classic paper with no necessary scent. An advantage of the material is that it's gentle to skin. If you care about the environment, you'll appreciate that this product is made from recycled materials and does not unnecessarily burden the environment. The large XXL package has 16 piece(s) rolls.


Price per pallet.
Only the whole palette is for sale.

number per pallet: 72
Color: white
Paper type: recycled
Plies: 4

Grammage of 1 ply (in g/m2): 15,0
Bright.% ISO min.: 78

Sheets per roll// per pack: 120
Sheet size - length / mm: 140
Sheet size - width / mm: 96
Size of the packing - cons. unit / mm (L,W,H): 472x236x192
Size of the packing - PE-bag, carton / mm (L,W,H): 708x472x192
Rolls// packets per consumer unit: 16
Cons. units per PE bag// carton: 3
PE bags// cartons per pallet: 24

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