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Harmony Home Expert Mega

Harmony Home Expert Mega

Productcode: 002257

Price per pallet.
Only the whole palette is for sale.

number per pallet: 192
Color: white
Paper type: cellulose
Plies: 2

Grammage of 1 ply (in g/m2): 17,0
Bright.% ISO min.: 80

Sheets per roll// per pack: 450
Sheet size - length / mm: 216
Sheet size - width / mm: 228
Size of the packing - cons. unit / mm (L,W,H): 228x197x197
Size of the packing - PE-bag, carton / mm (L,W,H): 228x591x394
Rolls// packets per consumer unit: 1
Cons. units per PE bag// carton: 6
PE bags// cartons per 1 pallet layer: 8
Layers per pallet: 4
PE bags// cartons per pallet: 32

    € 429,00Prijs
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